International Trade Shows, Tie-ups, Sales Partners

To get international clients or finding re-sellers in other countries, you have should reach them. You need to meet them, talk them and get the deal done.
International Trade Shows are an ideal platform which you must use to achive growth and success. You can find your clients, buyers, importers, re-sellers, marketing tie-ups and partners, all at one place.

You dont want to go. Fine. You are an important person. If you travel here and there, your many other important things suffer. I am here to solve your problem.
I can go there as your representative & save your time. There are two ways.
A. Business Visitor - and talk with all booth owners about your products/services.
B. Your Booth Manager - and take care of everybody coming at your booth.

I can manage all booth activities by setting up booth, managing it, talking with visitors about your products/services, exchanging business cards, distriubting your free samples, getting their interest, noting down leads etc.

And at end of show, you will get all this data in proper report format. That will help you to deal with your such potential clients directly. Thus, control is in YOUR hands.

I Save Your Time - Your Energy - Your Efforts - Your Jet Lag

You relax at your office and do your important work. And without leaving your chair, you are getting all work done for you. Besides above, if you need something else to be done, please let me know. I will surely help you. To know more about my previous experience of USA, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Dubai, Hong Kong, India etc, please click here.

Send me an email at with details of trade show in which you need my help. Let me see if I am available on those dates or not.
I will reply you as soon as possible. I am here to help and assist YOU.