Your Personal Business Advisor

I can help you by giving you new ideas for your business. True, you know more about your business. You have spent your life in it. You know your business like back of your hand. Let's take example of hen laying eggs. I dont know how to lay egg. Any hen knows it better then me. But I surely know as how to make a tasty omelette compared to any hen in this world.

Same way, you are doing same thing for years, with same ideas, same way of working. I can bring you fresh ideas, with my vast experience of so many industries in which I spent my past 25+ years. Or with my exposure of so many countries, meeting with so many people across the world. After all, that is what experience is all about.

See my friend, you are already doing what you can. I am not stopping you to do that. I am bringing new views as I am a value addition to you.

You Can Use Me
-- for New Ideas
-- for International Growth
-- for Increasing Profitabiity
-- for New Soluitons/Products/Services which You May Offer to Your Clients
-- for Improving Your Organization's Effeciency
-- for Cost Cutting
-- for Reducing Manpower

First 30 Minutes FREE
We can have one intro session. First 30 minutes session is free (worth $300). After it, you decide whether to close (for free) or to continue it further.

Regular Support
I can also help you as your regular consultant by guiding, helping and finding solutions for your company on nominal monthly retainership and profit sharing.

Send me an email with your offer at and I will reply you as soon as possible.